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    Our Story

    The story behind these products (HIGA®)

    My daughter, Qian Hui left us in a tragic accident when she was only 18 months old. When she was still a baby, she had very sensitive skin and my wife and I have tried all kinds of products and medicine and even went to hospitals, clinics and Chinese doctors to cure her skin condition but to no avail. Doctors did not have the answer and medicine to what caused her condition.

    As her condition worsened, I was getting more desperate to help her. I then thought of making use of what I knew about plants and herbs and made a mixture out of it. After constant application of the mixture and showering her, I noticed that her skin condition improved a few days later. There was no redness and she was crying less. I was very amazed and relieved that my daughter’s skin was getting better.





    I met Mr.Fung in a Kuala Lumpur Convention for a business meeting in 200x. I noticed that he kept scratching his head so I jokingly commented that he should put some of my product (organic fertilizer) on his head to reduce the itchiness and perhaps grow some hair. He felt insulted by my comment and questioned why he should put something smelly on his head. I then shared with him my experience of my extensive research on plants and herbs. Mr.Fung was skeptical about my product at first but towards the end of our conversation, he gave it a try. After applying the product and rinsing his hair, true enough, his itch on his head is gone. Although he could not tolerate the smell of the product, he gradually took the product when I offered it.

    After one month, Mr.Fung gave me a call and exclaimed that his hair grew! And they are black. He was not sure how long his new hair would last but I assured him that it will have a long life.

    From this, I made a few samples and distributed them to those who are suffering from hair loss. The feedback I got from this was overwhelming and I was even encouraged to make more of this product to help people gain back their confidence as a healthy head of hair indeed gives people confidence.

    Hair loss is not exclusive to older people as more and more young people these days are also losing hair. Stress, lifestyle, environment and food are some factors that contribute to hair loss in the younger generation. Our body gets weaker with more chemical intake from the food we consume every day.

    In addition to that, our environment is also suffering from all kinds of pollution which also add on to our already hectic and stressful life. It is important for everyone to see the importance of recycling and being green.

    Everyone has a duty to help sustain the environment so that our next generation can also enjoy what we have today.